Our Philosophy

McDonald Law is committed to service and is ready to serve you with Passion, Fortitude, and Professionalism.

Passion. While large firms have established names, clients can get lost in the shuffle of a lack of communication, quotas of billable hours, and an inconsistent connection with who is representing them. Focusing on a sound strategy and numerous alternatives, McDonald Law takes pride in digging deep to achieve the best results possible.

Fortitude. Every case is different and can even become complex as time goes on. Client desire a personal touch and someone who will be with them every step of the way.  McDonald Law has the patience to handle each case with care and tenacity. We will use our legal experience, affordability, and efficiency to represent our clients to brighter days ahead.

Professionalism. Offering exceptional customer service and legal knowledge, we will meet each client where they are, giving an honest and thorough evaluation of their matter while respecting their time and position. No case is a one-size-fits-all. McDonald Law will treat each client's case with respect and prepare intensively and effectively.

Client Commitments

  • An Honest and Thorough Evaluation
  • Adequate and Effective Communication
  • Best Efforts Quality

Call on Us

Whether you have a case in which you need immediate assistance or you are undecided and need clarity and guidance, McDonald Law is here for you! Time is of the essence. Don’t waste another minute. Call us today and set up a consultation so we can discuss the next steps for you.

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