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Complete Dedication

We are committed to serving business owners statewide and providing them with exceptional legal services. Our attorney knows how important your business is to you and your future, which is why she'll fight fiercely for the outcome you deserve.

Compassionate Advice

Your case will likely have a direct impact on your life. During your North Carolina business venture, we'll aim to put ourselves in your shoes. By understanding where you're coming from, we can come up with a plan to get you where you want to go.

Unwavering Support

Business law can be intimidating, especially for small business owners trying to stay afloat as larger corporations attempt to wear them down. At McDonald Law, PLLC, we'll represent you with tenacity and strength from start to finish.

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Welcome to McDonald Law, PLLC

McDonald Law is a law firm located in Raeford, NC. Our office is located in downtown Raeford within walking distance of the courthouse. Serving, primarily, Cumberland, Hoke, and Scotland County communities, as well as other counties in North Carolina, McDonald Law provides effective legal services to achieve the best interests for each client.

We aim to attract and maintain a family and business-based clientele, zealously advocating for clients' rights in a cost-effective manner while sustaining an honest and best-effort quality that is far too often lost in the legal profession today. A successful attorney-client relationship begins with effective communication, aiming to keep our clients informed throughout each stage of the legal process. Additionally, we bring our unique personal perspectives, diverse expertise, and passion for serving our community to ensure our clients receive the highest level of commitment to their case.

Business Law and Sports Law

Your business needs matter to us! It is imperative that you receive proper guidance and advice in order to achieve your business goals and reach new heights. Let McDonald Law help you build, maintain, and grow your business.

Trademark Law

Your business needs matter to us! We'll provide trademark law advice on how to protect your brand and obtain ownership while making the process easy and seamless. Let McDonald Law help you build, maintain, and grow your business.

Copyright Law

Your business needs matter to us! We can help you protect your artistic creations and intellectual works. Let McDonald Law help you build, maintain, and grow your business.


Entity Formation

Before you can get your company off the ground, you first need to choose the right business structure, whether it be a corporation an LLC, or another option.

Contracts and Agreements

Once you've created your company or brand, make sure you have the documents to protect your interests and assets. Being proactive is always the best offense and defensive strategy.


A trademark gives you the legal rights to your business's brand-related properties, as well as personal assets such as your name, image, and likeness.


Copyrights allow you to protect your artistic creations like original songs and books, along with your intellectual works such as software code.


  • Great Job!

    Attorney McDonald and her staff did a great Job helping me complete my trademark for my Business. I attempted to get my trademark myself and failed. I contacted Attorney McDonald right away and she took care of everything. She corrected my mistakes and told me not to worry. She answered all of my... Read On

  • Highly Recommended

    Attorney McDonald and I went to law school together, and she did a fantastic job in advising and assisting me on some business formation work. I'd highly recommend her firm for your legal needs. Read On

  • Patient and Made It Easy

    Angelica and her staff worked with me on completing a trademark for one of my businesses. They were so patient with me and she made the process simple and easy. I will be returning to complete my other trademarks! Thanks so much! Read On

Client Commitments

  • An Honest and Thorough Evaluation
  • Adequate and Effective Communication
  • Best Efforts Quality

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Whether you have a case in which you need immediate assistance or you are undecided and need clarity and guidance, McDonald Law is here for you! Time is of the essence. Don’t waste another minute. Call us today and set up a consultation so we can discuss the next steps for you.

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