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McDonald Law, PLLC

Welcome to McDonald Law, PLLC

McDonald Law is a law firm located in Raeford, NC. Our office is located in dowtown Raeford within walking distance of the courthouse. Serving, primarily, Cumberland, Hoke and Scotland County communities, as well as other counties in North Carolina, McDonald Law provides effective legal services to achieve the best interests for each client.

We aim to attract and maintain a family and business based clientele, zealously advocating for clients' rights in a cost-effective manner while sustaining an honest and best-effort quality that is far too often lost in the legal profession today. A successful attorney-client relationship begins with effective communication, aiming to keep our clients informed throughout each stage of the legal process. Additionally, we bring our unique personal perspectives, diverse expertise, and passion for serving our community to ensure our clients receive the highest level of commitment to their case.

Practice Areas

  • Business Law . Sports & Entertainment Law

    Your business needs matter to us! It is imperative that you receive proper guidance and advice in order to achieve your business goals and reach new heights. Let McDonald Law help you build, maintain, and grow your business.

  • Family Law

    Family matters require special care and attention. A vulnerable moment can turn into a disastrous situation. With immediate action, McDonald Law can protect and preserve your precious assets and familial obligations.

  • Traffic Violations

    Handling your own traffic violations can do more harm than good. Representing yourself can cost you extra time and money. You need someone with extensive knowledge and expertise to handle your matter the right way. McDonald Law is here to help!

Client Commitments

  • An Honest and Thorough Evaluation
  • Adequate and Effective Communication
  • Best Efforts Quality

Call on Us

Whether you have a case in which you need immediate assistance or you are undecided and need clarity and guidance, McDonald Law is here for you! Time is of the essence. Don’t waste another minute. Call us today and set up a consultation so we can discuss the next steps for you.

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