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Posted by Angelica McDonald, Esq. | Feb 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Tax season is upon us! Hopefully, you are getting nice chunk of change deposited into your bank account! And no, this is not a blog post geared at providing you tax advice.

Having a large sum of money at your disposal is a wonderful thing! This post is geared towards turning your brain wheels and giving you ideas when you are making plans for your tax refund. Being proactive and not being impulsive, is not the easiest thing to do, but it is always worth it in the end.

#1: Draft your “life” documents

“Life” documents are documents that establish who will handle your affairs while you are alive, but mentally disabled or have died (Examples: Wills and Powers of Attorney)

The last thing you want to do is to leave this earth and also leave your family in limbo. Without a proper life document, the government (your state at death) will decide how your property will be distributed to your family. With a will, YOU will be able to decide who gets your mother's ring, your favorite china, or that classic car and you will also get to decide who doesn't get a thing! Also, creating a power of attorney will direct a designated agent to handle your business and healthcare matters YOUR way.

#2: Improve your credit score

There are a few ways to improve your credit, but one of the best ways is to pay down your debt. Showing lenders that you have a history of paying down your debt on schedule, consistently over time, will give your creditors confidence that they can lend to you and you will be able to pay off the loan. While it is less cumbersome to make minimum payments for outstanding debt, paying down your amount will take more time than you wish while you add to your balance through interest rates and finance charges. Pay more than the minimum payment and you are well on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM (cue the violins).

#3: Get your license back

“Riding dirty” can be a thing of the past! Handle those old traffic tickets and have your license reinstated. Whatever you do, avoid tickets and citations while your license is suspended. If by chance this happens, hire an attorney. Many attorneys can help you clean up your driving record for pretty affordable prices and get you back on the road LEGALLY. Then, you can drive without the fear of an encounter with the police. No more looking out your rearview mirror every five minutes or tensing up when you hear a police siren in the distance.

#4: Invest

Investments come in many forms. You can save money by (1) opening a high-yield savings account; (2) purchasing stocks by opening up an inexpensive online brokerage account; or (3) starting your own business even if it is a small side business. Extra capital will prove to be beneficial in all of these scenarios. When starting a business, it can be difficult to cover startup costs without a loan. You can invest in yourself, guilt-free, without having to take on unnecessary debt.

#5: Address sensitive matters

The holiday season can be a terrible time to address sensitive matters such as divorce, child custody, and child support. Not only can it be a mood killer, but, it can also become expensive to handle along with all of your other holiday expenses! Though no time is the ideal time to deal with these matters, procrastination and avoidance will not serve as a cure. Be proactive!

Make sure to take time and think about what you will do with your extra bucks to prevent burning a hole in your pocket! Use this tax season to get your affairs in order and invest in yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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About the Author

Angelica McDonald, Esq.

Angelica McDonald was born and raised in Raeford, North Carolina. She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management and Marketing. While attending UNC-Charlotte, she interned at Black Entertainment Television and NPR station WFAE 90.7fm. She received several awards and recognitions including the Chancellor's Citation of Leadership and Distinguished Leadership Honor. After her undergraduate studies, she attended North Carolina Central University School of Law and received her Juris Doctor. She also attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California and received her Master of Laws in Entertainment and Media Law. At NCCU Law, Angelica served as the Vice President of the Student Bar Association and President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. She was awarded the Dean's Leadership Award and Pro Bono Certificate. She participated in the Small Business Clinic where she advised small business owners regarding legal issues within their businesses. She also volunteered with the Elder Law clinic where she helped prepare wills and power of attorney documents for low-income elderly. In her spare time, Angelica is heavily involved in her church and community organizations. She likes to read, travel, cook, and is a huge supporter of the Arts. Angelica has an intense passion for public service, small businesses, and sports and entertainment. She believes everyone should be able to receive representation that promotes longevity and growth. She desires to inspire her clients and share knowledge that will help create long term goals for their endeavors. Angelica is bright, honest, and committed to providing excellent customer service. Professional Affiliations and Memberships North Carolina Bar Association Sports and Entertainment Law Section (Pro Bono chair) Sports Lawyers Association Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association Personal and Community Affiliations Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated 4-H Project Reverso Lawyers for Literacy


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